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Chinese Library Classification Editorial Board

  Chinese Library Classification (CLC) Editorial Group, the predecessor of the CLC Editorial Board, was established in February 1971, with members from 36 organizations, including the National Library of China and the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (ISTIC). After the establishment of the First Editorial Board in June 1979, the Second to the Sixth Editorial Boards were successively established during 1984-2000. The Editorial Board is under the supervision of the Department of Social Culture and Library Administration, Ministry of Culture, and managed by the National Library of China. It is responsible for the research, compilation, revision and management of CLC related series.
  CLC Editorial Board is composed of about 30 members, which is recommended by the last editorial board, approved by related organizations and appointed by the Department of Social Culture and Library Administration. With a chairperson, several vice-chairpersons, an editor-in-chief and several associate editors-in-chief, the Editorial Board convenes every two years.
The main tasks of the Editorial Board include:

1. Editing and revising various editions of CLC and related reference books;
2. Promoting various editions of CLC and making studies on their use;
3. Training CLC users;
4. Organizing research projects and academic activities related to document retrieval languages and document indexing techniques;
5. Promoting international academic exchanges.

  The Office of the Editorial Board is responsible for the daily work. It is a part of the Institute of Library and Information Science, NLC Research and Development Academy.

Contact Person: Mr. Bu Shuqing
E-Mail: ztf@publicf.nlc.gov.cn
Tel: (86 10)88545321 or 88545322.


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