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Name of Lecture: Three Great Links of Music Practice and Their Correlations--Taking about Music Creation, Performance and Appreciation by the Director of Central Conservatory of Music
Speaker: Wang Cizhao (Central Conservatory of Music)
Venue: Beijing
Date:  November 18, 2007
Category:  Art
Length:  98 minutes
Brief Introduction
of the Speaker:
Mr. Wang Cizhao is now appointed the Director of Central Conservatory of Music, the Vice-Chairman of Chinese Musicians' Association, he was successively appointed the Vice-Director of Aesthetics of Music Teaching and Research Office of the Department of Music Science of Central Conservatory of Music, Vice-Director of the Department of Music Science, the Vice Director of Central Conservatory of Music, the Director and Secretary of Party Committee of Central Conservatory of Music. The Director Wang Cizhao is concurrently appointed the member of the National Committee of CPPCC and the member of Committee of Education Science Culture and Public Health of CPPCC and the Vice-Chairman and currently Director of Theoretical Committee of Chinese Musicians' Association, and the director of Professional Teaching and Directing Committee of Artist Category of Universities and Colleges of the Ministry of Education, and the President of Chinese Society of Digitalized Music Education, and the Vice-President of Chinese Society of Musical Aesthetics and the president of Xiao Youmei Association for the Promotion of Musical Education, etc. His issued books: Aesthetics of Music, Essential Aesthetics of Music, New Theory of Aesthetics of Music, Songs in Tears, Reformer of Opera Art, etc. Director Wang once won the award of young-and middle-aged excellent achievements of Beijing Municipality Philosophy and Social Science, the first award of excellent teaching achievement, and the first award of national excellent teaching achievements at a state level, the prize of excellent teaching materials of the Ministry of Culture, and the prize of excellent achievements of humane social science of the Ministry of Education, etc. In 1994 he was granted the title of excellent expert by the Ministry of Culture, in 1998 he won the title of excellent young–and middle-aged expert of outstanding contributions.
Key Words: Music   ;Three;great;links
Organizer: Cultural and Educational Training Department
Mr. Wang Cizhao elaborated the common points and mutual relations between the three great links, speaking of the three links of musical practices such as composers' composition, players' performance and audiences' appreciation, through hearing multiple great musical compositions and the famous sections of music, and combining the practice to introduce the features and notices for music appreciation.
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