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1 United Nations and China Chen Jian
2 China and Australia Han Feng
3 Three Great Links of Music Practice and Their Correlations--Taking about Music Creation, Performance and Appreciation by the Director of Central Conservatory of Music Wang Cizhao Central Conservatory of Music
4 International Situation and Olympic Games Wu Jianmin China Foreign Affairs University
5 My Cause is my Father
6 Sunlight Psychology and Modern life  Lu Jun Chinese Medical Doctor Association
7  Patients' Safety and Rational Dosage Mr. Wang Heping Beijing Kang Sheng Lawyer Office
8 Reexamine the Ming Dynasty Mr. Mao Peiqi Renmin University of China
9  Again Discussion of Globalization from Multiple Viewing Angles Xu Tiebing Communication University of China
10 A Hundred of Changes in Future Worldand "Reading books, Entrance Examination for College and Human life" Liu Baining Baining Consulting Co., Ltd.
11 Right of Patients and Duty of Doctors Deng Liqiang well-known lawyer in Beijing
12 Cultivation of professional politeness  Li Ning Beijing Ceremonials College
13 Sunlight Psychology and Pleasant Human Life Zhao Ying Center for Psychological Science Research, Renmin University of China
14 Global Security & Chinese Diplomacy Wang Yizhou Institute of World Economics & Politics
15 Cultural Development and Scientific and Technological Innovation Mr. Xu Shanyan China Association for Science and Technology
16 Chinese Leather-Silhouette Show
17 Russian Institute of China and Russian Culture Li Yingnan Beijing Foreign Studies University
18 Cultivation of Scientific Interests and Spirits Zhou Heng Tianjin University
19 Folk paper-cut art under protection of non-substance culture heritage
20 Sheng Mao's artist practice and the music creation of The Song-cycle of the Long March Sheng Mao Comrade-in-arms Art Troupe for Beijing Military Area Political Department
21 Animated Drawing and Scene Design Mr. Wang Wei Software and Microelectronics School of Peking University
22 Cloud Strings Link the earth and heaven, Qin Tone Resounds through the Past and the Present-day----A Parade of Shuzhong Ancient Qin (Guqin) and Chinese Qin and Song Yu Bosun a contemporary fiddle artist or fiddler, the descendant of Chinese Guqin Shu School
23 The Culture of Chinese Picture-story Book Meng Qingjiang the director and chief editor of People's Fine Arts Publishing House
24 Social Participation and Individual Growth Lu Shizhen Secretary of Party Committee of China Youth University for Political Sciences, and Standing Vice Director of the University
25 Understanding the Structure of Thought of Ancient Chinese People Viewing from the Etiquette and Custom of the Dragon Boat Festival and the Legend Lai Xingliang Researcher of Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology
26 One of Ancient Architecture in Old Beijing---Gong Wang Fu (Gong Royal Highness Residence) and Garden  Zhao Xun Researcher of the Institute of Cultural Relics
27 Journals enrich your mental world---the Developmental Trend of Chinese Periodicals Zhang Bohai Adviser and former president of China Periodicals Association
28 Wu Qiang Spring Festival Pictures Chen Hezhi Librarian of Wu Qiang Spring Festival Pictures Museum
29 "Sunday Musician"—In Memory of the 120th Anniversary of Borodin Death Bian Zushan First grade national conductor, the Chairman of China Union of Symphonic Orchestra
30 Fundamental Knowledge of National Orchestral, and Appreciation and Analysis of Liu Wenjin's Folk Musical Works Liu Wenjin Artistic director of China Opera and Dance Drama Theater, the Director of Chinese Musicians' Association
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