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Name of Lecture: The Evolvement Editions on A Record of the Best Illustrations and Descriptions of Extraordinary Devices of the Far West
Speaker: Zhang Baichun (Institute for the History of Natural Science Chinese Academy of Sciences) (IHNS, CAS)
Venue: Beijing
Date: October 28, 2006
Category: natural science
Length: 100 minutes
Brief Introduction
of the Speaker:
Zhang Baichun was born in 1960. He obtained Ph.D in history of science and technology in 1999, mainly studied history of technology, mechanics and astronomical instruments. He had many books such as, A Brief History of Modern Machinery in China, The Europeanization of Astronomical Instruments during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Technology Transfer from the Soviet Union to the P.R.C., An Introduction to the Studies in the History of Technology,etc. He studied at Technical University of Berlin (Technische University Berlin) from the year 1996 to 1998. He was appointed as the researcher at the IHNS in January, 2000, and chief scientist, comprehensive studies for development of modern science and technology in China, the project of the CAS-Knowledge Innovation Program from the year 2000 to 2003. He did visiting research for several times at Max Planck Institute for the History of Science since 1999.
Key Words: A;Record;of;the;Best;Illustrations;and;Descriptions;of;Extraordinary
Organizer: Rare Books & Special Collections Department
Circulated in 1627, A Record of the Best Illustrations and Descriptions of Extraordinary Devices of the Far West was a Chinese monograph systematically intruding the western mechanics knowledge and technology before the second half of 19th century all the time. Edition in the Ming Dynasty has the block-printed edition of Wuweizhong, Wang Yingkui and Guang Jitang and Xishuangtang, edition in the Qing Dynasty has Mei Wending's amendable transcript, Kang Hsi Imperial Encyclopaedia edition, Complete Library of the Four Branches of Literature edition, reprints of the block-printed edition of Wuweizhong and Lailutang by Wangqi, Shoushange Series edition, the block-printed edition of Tongwenguan, Chinese and Western Arithmetic Collection edition, transcript in the Qing Dynasty collected by the National Library of China, transcript of anonymous name collected by Tsinghua University transcript of Pengzuo Library, etc.
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