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Name of Lecture: Appreciation and Appraisal of China's Ancient Times Map
Speaker: Wang Qianjin (Institute for the History of Natural Science, the Chinese Academy of Sciences) (IHNS, CAS)
Venue: Beijing
Date: November 25, 2006
Category: Natural Science
Length: 143 minutes
Brief Introduction
of the Speaker:
Wang Qianjin was born in Ezhou, Hubei Province in August, 1957, he got bachelor degree of geography in Huazhong Normal University in January, 1982 in Wuhan; and got master's degree in Graduate University, CAS in July, 1986; and got Ph.D in IHNS, CAS in October, 1990. He studied abroad for a year in University of Cambridge in 1997. Currently he is deputy director, researcher, doctor tutor in IHNS, CAS. And he is the executive director of Academy of Chinese Science and Technology History, director of Profession of Geo-science History Committee, concurrent post researcher of Research Center of Historical Geography and Ancient Map, Historical Department of Peking University, concurrent post professor of Science History and Scientific Philosophy Department of Shanghai Jiaotong University and Department of Science History and Technical Archaeology, China Science and Technology University, academic committee member of Center of Overseas Sinology, Beijing Foreign Languages University. He was mainly engaged in research works such as China ancient times maps, geography history as well as science exchange history and scientific social history, etc. The main monograohs includeChina Ming Dynasty Science and Technology History (The People's Press, 1994), Translation and Annotation for Brief Records of Island Smooth (Liaoning Educational Press, 1995), China's Ancient Times Maps Succinct (editor-in-chief, China Esperanto Press, 1995), Brief History of Chinese Science and Technology—the Geography Volume (chief editor, editor-in-chief, Liaoning Educational Press, 1997), East Western Learning Passes on First Division—Matteo Ricci (Science Press, 2000), History of Chinese Science and Technology—Science Ideology Volume (coauthor, Science Press, 2001).
Key Words: map;;;ancient;times;;appreciation;;appraisal
Organizer: Rare Books & Special Collections Department
It talks about the different periods in ancient China, different types, different texture, different cultures, different precision, different forms, different scales and different mapping methods in order to lead to how to appreciate and appraise the ancient times maps.
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