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Name of Lecture: Comments on Dai Zhen's Contributions towards Nine Chapters of Arithmetics
Speaker: Guo Shuchun (Institute for the History of Natural Science,Chinese Academy of Sciences) (IHNS, CAS)
Venue:  Beijing
Date: September 23, 2006 
Category: Natural Science
Length: 93 minutes
Brief Introduction
of the Speaker:
Guo Shunchun was born in Jiaozhou, Shandong Province, in August, 1941, and graduated from Maths Department of Shandong University in August, 1964. He is researcher of IHNS, CAS; he had successively acted as deputy director of Academic Committee, IHNS; vice-director, and director of Institute for the National Mathematics History. From 1992 he enjoyed the governmental special subsidy, and was approved by National Academic Degree Committee as the doctor tutor in 1993. He was all the time engaged in Study of Chinese Mathematics History, which appeared in Natural Scientific History Research Press for 100 papers or so. Following the publications of collection proof Nine Chapters of Arithmetics in 1990 and a supplement to it in 2004, China's Ancient Times Mathematics in 1991, 1994, 1995, 1997, 2004,  Leading Scholar of Mathematics in Ancient Times World -- Liu Hui in 1992, 1995, Translation and Annotation of Nine Chapters of Arithmetics in 1998, division proof Calculated Classics Ten Books in 1998, 2001, among which Zhou Bi Calculated Classics was cooperated with Liu Dun, LES NEUF CHAPITRES: Le Classique mathematique de la Chine ancienne et ses commentaries, comparison edition of Chinese and France to Nine Chapters of Arithmetics in 2004, 2005, cooperated with K.Chemla ,etc., His chief compiling academic works included  China Classics Collection of Science and Technology · Mathematics Volume (5 volumes, in 1993), Complete Works of Li Yan and Qian Baozong's Science History  (10 volumes, in1998, coauthors), etc.
Key Words: Dai;;Zhen;;maths;;science
Organizer: Rare Books & Special Collections Department
The lecture mainly evaluated the unsubstituted contribution of Dai Zhen's contributions towards Nine Chapters of Arithmetics and mistakes which he made. When Dai Zhen proofread the Complete Library of the Four Branches of Literature, according to the collection of The Yongle Encyclopedia, he compiled Nine Chapters of Arithmetics, and made 120 pieces of textual corrections. Just because of Dai Zhen's emendation, Nine Chapters of Arithmetics can spread until now, and be used for us. Then, when carrying on compiling, he made the mistake which cannot be redeemed: for example, he compiled carelessly, took his own emendation as the original text of Nine Chapters of Arithmetics, the rhetoric processing as well as he could not understand the original emendation and make understanding mistakes, and also imposed his own ideas on it, etc.
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