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Name of Lecture: Understanding and Influence on Raining Water in China's Ancient Times---Discussion about Xining the Seventh Yyear ofs Xining in North Song Dynasty and aAround Rainfall Instrument

Zeng Xiongsheng (Institute for the History of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences) (IHNS, CAS)

Venue: Beijing
Date: November 18, 2006  
Category: natural science
Length: 120 minutes 
Brief Introduction
of the Speaker:
Zeng Xiongsheng was born in Xingan, Jiangxi Province in November, 1962, who graduated from Jiangxi Normal University in 1983, which attained bachelor's degree in historiography; graduated in agriculture, Zhejiang Agricultural University (now Zhejiang University---Hua Jiachi Campus (Huajiachi is the former Zhejiang Agricultural University)) in 1988. Currently the he is researcher of IHNS, CAS; the executive director, China Institute of Agriculture History, he mainly was engaged in study of China's history of agriculture and science history of ancient times.
Key Words: raining;;water;;ancient;times;;rainfall;instrument
Organizer: Rare Books & Special Collections Department
There is the system of the local official in China's ancient times from the Qin and Han Dynasty to report the rainfall amount to the royal government. The Song Dynasty had the standard rainfall instrument concept. Tianchi basin is the earliest rain apparatus in China's ancient times. The being buried depth rainfall standard was presented inthe Ming Dynasty. However, the rainfall instrument has not obtained the further development, because people considered that the raining water is one kind of natural phenomena, and the raining water is that God dispatches to human.
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