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Name of Lecture: Modern Significance of Traditional Courtesy
Speaker: Lou Yulie (Peking University)
Venue: No. 7 Wenjin Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Date: March 9, 2006
Category: Culture
Length: 123 minutes
Brief Introduction
of the Speaker:

Lou Yulie, Professor of Peking University
Key Words: Culture;;China;;Traditional;Etiquette
Organizer: NLC Library of Ancient Books (former NLC Branch Library)
I. Since the New Culture Movement at the beginning of last century criticized the traditional ethical codes—a violation of human rights, the shackles of human nature - man-eating feudal ethical codes.
II. On the origin of courtesy.
III. Social role of courtesy .
IV. Relations on ritual, law and benevolence, emphasis on rituals and laws and improve benevolence.
V. The main content of traditional courtesy and its significance in real social life.
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