Tibet Digital Library Promotion Project is launched

The 4th Working Conference on Partner Assistance to Tibet by National Culture and Cultural Relics System was held in Lhasa on 7 August. As one of the cultural assistance activities, Tibet Digital Library Promotion Project was launched officially in the conference. Zhao Shaohua, deputy secretary of the Ministerial CPC Committee of the Ministry of Culture and vice minister of the Ministry of Culture, and Duo Tuo, vice chairman of Tibet Autonomous Region, launched Tibet Digital Library Promotion Project. Wei Dawei, NLC deputy director, donated hand-held readers and digital resources hard disks to Tibet Autonomous Region Library, Linzhi Library, A'li Library, and Changdu Library.

The NLC delivered over 140 TB digital resources to Tibet Autonomous Region, including more than 5,000 titles of E-books, 200 titles of E-periodicals, 2,500 minutes of video resources in Tibetan, over 100 lectures and exhibitions, and professional databases on politics, economics, trade, children and so on, open for Internet users in Tibet Autonomous Region, who could access to abundant digital resources at home.

Meanwhile, the NLC held training on basic operation of digital library for provincial library and prefecture-level city libraries on 6 August, including digital library overview, technology architecture of digital library, digital resources development and management, digital library services, and so on, which aimed to disseminate digital library concept, definite implementation methods of the Project, and promote digital library development in Tibet Autonomous Region by talents training.

The launching of Tibet Digital Library Promotion Project opened a new chapter of digital library development in Tibet Autonomous Region. Tibet Autonomous Region Library would increase local featured resources construction, and make use of resources and technology advantages of National Digital Library of China meanwhile, so as to promote public culture service system development in Tibet Autonomous Region, guarantee the basic cultural rights and interests of people, and achieve public culture service target of "Universal Services".

Digital Library Promotion Project is an important culture project implemented in nationwide during 12th Five-year Period. Digital Library Promotion Project will build a digital library virtual network covering nationwide, with National Digital Library of China as centre and digital libraries at all levels as nodes, constructing distributed digital library resource repository, and forming an efficient digital resources guarantee system. By way of internet, mobile communication network and Broadcast and TV network, and with public libraries at all levels and new media of mobile phone, digital TV, mobile TV, the Project will provide multi-level, diversified and specialized digital library services for the public, forming a new public culture service form based on new media.

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