"International Chinese Genealogy Online" is launched officially

In the afternoon of 5 March, the launching ceremony of "International Chinese Genealogy Online" was held in the National Library of China (NLC), which marked that "International Chinese Genealogy Online" was officially open to overseas Chinese. 

Leaders from different institutions attended the launching ceremony, including Chui Sai On, Chief Executive of Macao Special Administrative Region, Xu Ze, deputy director of Liaison Office of Central People's Government in Macao, Liao Zeyun, standing committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Zhou Heping, NLC director, Zhan Furui, secretary of the CPC Committee of the NLC and executive deputy director, Xiang Xiaowei, deputy director of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Office of the Ministry of Culture, Wu Zhiliang, chairman of the Macau Foundation, and so on. National People's Congress (NPC) deputies and CPPCC members with Macao nationality, and Macao officials accompanying Chui Sai On, totaling about 40 people, attended the ceremony. In addition, experts and scholars from libraries, museums, universities and research institutions also attended the ceremony, which was hosted by Zhang Zhiqing, NLC deputy director.

In the ceremony, Zhan Furui and Wu Zhiliang delivered a speech respectively. Chui Sai On and Zhou Heping launched the website of "International Chinese Genealogy Online".

"International Chinese Genealogy Online" is a genealogy digitalization service, education and research project, which, established on the basis of broad cooperation, is the first cultural cooperation project between the NLC and the Macau Foundation.

Up to present, the staged achievements of "International Chinese Genealogy Online" have been approved by experts, i.e. establishing system model, database model, and software system of "International Chinese Genealogy Online", 500 items of family name, 30,000 items of bibliographical data of genealogies, 500,000 pages (500 titles) of full-text genealogy images, 3 million pages (6,000 titles) of full-text images of documents related to genealogies.  

In order to advance the development of Chinese genealogy culture, inherit and carry forward the traditional culture, and promote the unity of Chinese nation, the assumption of establishing "International Chinese Genealogy Online" was proposed in the 7th Conference on Cooperative Development and Sharing of Chinese Resources in November 2008. Then "International Chinese Genealogy Online" began on-line testing in October 2010. And then this project presented its initial achievements in the 8th Conference on Cooperative Development and Sharing of Chinese Resources in November 2010, receiving good appraisement of the participated parties.   

"International Chinese Genealogy Online" is an open project, which welcomes individuals and various organizations in nationwide, such as libraries, archives, academic institutions, clan councils, genealogy editorial board, etc., so as to make it a homestead for global Chinese people to trace their root, a cultural platform for uniting global Chinese people, a window to advocate Chinese nation's history and culture, a service channel for providing treasured genealogies collections and necessary genealogy information reference, and a planning assistant for family cultural visit.    

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