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The Xinhua News Agency donates micro documentary National Album series and publications to the NLC 2017-09-06
Sun Yigang, NLC deputy director, heads a delegation for the 83rd IFLA General Conference and Assembly 2017-08-31
The Exhibition of World Illustrations—the 50th Anniversary Exhibition of Hans Christian Andersen Award (Beijing) is open 2017-08-31
Appreciating "Intangible Cultural Heritage Techniques with Beijing Characteristics" in the NLC 2017-07-27
Han Yongjin meets with Chief Librarian of Columbia University Libraries 2017-07-19
Han Yongjin signs the Outcome Documents of BRICS Alliance of Libraries on behalf of the NLC 2017-07-12
The Exhibition of Chen Jieqi, Famous Expert on Epigraphy in Qing Dynasty is open in the NMCB 2017-07-04
Wei Dawei, NLC deputy director, heads a delegation to Japan 2017-06-22
The donation ceremony of Situ Qiao's home letter & the manuscript of Feng Yimei's After Disaster is held in the NLC 2017-06-23
Chen Li, Executive Deputy Director of the NLC, heads a delegation to Ecuador and Spain 2017-06-20
The NLC (China National Center for Preservation & Conservation of Ancient Books) launches a series of cultural activities on Culture and Natural Heritage Day 2017-06-16
Yang Xianzhen's manuscripts are collected by the NLC 2017-06-13
The director of the National Library of Belarus donates books to the NLC and signs cooperation agreement 2017-06-05
Han Yongjin meets with Linda Hofstad Helleland, Norwegian minister of culture 2017-06-02
The Second China-Arab Library and Information Science Professionals Conference is held in Beijing 2017-06-02
The NLC National Strategic Depository of Document Preservation Project Architecture Design Scheme is announced 2017-05-26
The 25th Conference of Directors of National Libraries in Asia and Oceania is held in the NLC 2017-05-24
The NLC collects Shanxi temple murals and holds exhibition 2017-05-04
The NLC holds nationwide reading promotion activity, the 12th Wenjin Book Award is announced 2017-05-03
The Exhibition of Shakespeare to Sherlock: Treasures of the British Library and the Exhibition of The Book of Songs to A Dream of Red Mansions: The classics we have read in those years are open 2017-04-26


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