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Microform Reading Room
Location:D401, fourth floor, NLC South Area.

Opening Hours:Sunday to Friday 9:00-17:00 (For onsite reservation: 9:00-16:00)

Telephone:(+86 10) 88545663

Requirements:Users aged 16 or above must carry their own Reader Cards or 2nd-generation ID cards. For certain documents, users must present recommendation letters (bureau-level or above) detailing personal information, research tasks, validity (For recommendation letters not labeling validity, the default validity is one month; recommendation letters are valid for one month at most).
Microform resources in NLC include overseas doctoral dissertations, Chinese newspapers (before 1949), Minguo Books, publications of the JiangXi Soviet in 1930-1934, publications of the Japanese government, decrypt documents of the US government and literature from the early Western missionaries in China, and publications about China, multi-language dictionaries and people's biographies of different countries in microfilms and microfiches published before 1850. 

As of the end of 2015, the Library has collected 1,589,119 reels/fiches of microforms.

The American UMI company's doctoral dissertations (PQDD): dissertations from 1938 to the most current, more subscriptions every year;

Chinese newspapers before 1949, periodicals, books in the Minguo period and some Chinese newspapers after 1949;

Sino-American diplomacy file of the late Qing Dynasty;

Doctoral dissertations collected by German Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz;

Decrypt documents from British and American governments; Publications of the Japanese government;

Books about China published in the West before 1850, and information of early Western missionaries in China;

The Jiangxi Soviet Republic information (Chencheng's archives): 1931-1934;

People's biographies of different countries and the Dutch scholar Robert van Gulik's Chinese books collection (literature, calligraphy, paintings, music and more);

China in the Western eye, and multi-language dictionaries
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