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Service Standards of the NLC

In order to completely implement the strategy of "keeping library upon service", further intensify our service awareness, heighten our service quality, in light of Professional Ethical Standard of Librarians for the NLC (trial) and Moral Standard of Staff of the NLC, we hereby formulate Service Standard of the NLC.

I. Standard Code

    Conscientious in work, selfless service
    Proficient in operation, pioneering in innovation
    Respect readers, standardized service
    Conserve documents, inherit civilization

II. Standard Specification

i. Conscientious in Work, Selfless Service
We are required to understand our responsibilities, maintain our professional dignity, prize our professional reputation and observe our professional ethics; be proud of serving in the library, take the responsibility of shaping the social image for the National Library of China, firmly develop a service idea of putting the readers to the first place and tough working spirit, dedicate selflessly, be willing to sacrifice, be cautious and conscientious.

ii. Proficient in Business, Pioneering in Innovation
We are required to be familiar with the library's operation arrangement and proficient in operation fields of our positions, seek books for readers and seek readers for books, endeavor to provide good quality and high efficiency services for the readers. Moreover, we should adapt the development of the lirarianship, continuously upgrade our knowledge structure, heighten scientific and cultural quality, professional theoretical attainments and skills, make pioneering efforts, provide innovative services, continue to meet the public's requirements of getting documents, information and knowledge completely, conveniently, efficiently and exactly.

iii. Respect Readers, Standardized Services
We are required to respect readers' reading right, satisfy readers' demand of document information, and actively accept readers' reasonable suggestions on our library's work. Don't simplify procedures optionally, don't buck for improper benefits for individuals or collectives, strictly obey the rules, mindfully perform job responsibilities, work standards and labor rules, regulate operational procedures, strive to provide facility for the readers to use the library and share document information resources, and keep secrecy of readers' personal information and book borrowing intentions.

iv. Conserve Documents and Inherit Civilization
We are required to correctly cognize and publicize the significance and function of conserving the document information resources in the the repository of the nation's publications, guarantee the security and availability of collected document information resources. On the base of conserving documents, we should take the responsibilities of serving the society and the readers, aim at accelerating cultural exchanges and inheriting human civilization, so as to meet the public's demand of the document information resources, facilitate the effective transmission and permanent conversation of the document information resources, realizing the core values of a modern library.





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