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General Office
              Director: Ms. Su Pinhong 

Human Resources Division
              Director: Ms. Wang Qingyun 

Finance Division
              Director: Mr. Zhang Jun
              Deputy: Ms. Li Hongxia
                             Ms. Liu Tingting

Coordination & Operation Management Division 
              Director: Ms. Mao Yajun 
              Deputy: Mr. Sun Boyang 
                             Ms. Zhang Wei
                             Ms. Liao Yongxia

Office of the Party and Labor Relations
              Director: Mr. Rong Jie 
              Deputy: Ms. Zhang Hongxia

Inspection & Supervision Division 
              Director: Ms. Chen Lijing 
              Deputy: Ms. Wang Zhengyuan 
              Discipline Inspector: Ms. Qiao Shujin (Leading roles of deputy divisions or equivalents)

Audit Division
             Director: Ms. An Jie
              Deputy: Mr. Yin Cunxi 

Retired Employees Division 
              Director: Ms. Zhang Yanxia 
              Deputy: Mr. Sun Le

International Cooperation Division (Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macao Affairs Division) 
              Director: Mr. Zhang Xu

State-Owned Assets Management Division 
              Director: Mr. Wei Chong
              Deputy: Ms. Hao Liping

Security Division
              Director: Mr. Zhao Jianguo
              Deputy: Mr. Zhang Mingliang
              Sections: Security Section
                             Fire Protection Section
                             Central Control Room
                             Security Section of NLC Library of Ancient Books          

Infrastructure Project Office (Preparation Office of National Strategic Depository of Document Preservation Project) 
              Director: Mr. Wang Liuchang                           
              Deputy: Ms. Lu Xi 

Research Institute (Secretariat of National Technical Committee for Library Standardization, Office of NLC Postdoctoral Scientific Research Workstation)
              Director: Mr. Wang Dongbo (concurrent post)
              Deputy: Ms. Shen Xiaojuan (Leading roles of divisions or equivalents)
                             Ms. Wang Yanhang (Leading roles of deputy divisions or equivalents)
              Executive Deputy Editor of Editorial Office of Documents: Mr. Zhang Tingyin (Leading roles of deputy divisions or equivalents) 
              Executive Deputy Editor of Editorial Office of Journal of the National Library of China: Ms. Chen Qinghui (Leading roles of deputy divisions or equivalents) 
              Sections: General Office
                             Policy Research Section
                             Discipline Research Section
                             Library History Documents Collection and Research Section

Chinese Acquisitions & Cataloguing Department (Online Library Cataloging Center, ISSN China Center)
              Director: Ms. Wang Yang 
              Deputy: Ms. Liu Ying 
              Sections: Legal Deposit of Domestic Publications Section
                             Chinese Books Acquisitions Section
                             Chinese Books Bibliographical Data Section
                             Chinese Books Processing Section
                             Acquisitions and Cataloguing Section of Chinese Newspapers and Periodicals
                             Acquisitions and Cataloguing Section of Dissertations
                             Acquisitions and Cataloguing Section of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Publications
                             Chinese Materials Section
                             Audio, Video and Electronic Materials Acquisitions and Cataloguing Section
                             Chinese Digital Resources Acquisition and Cataloguing Section
                             Bibliographical Data Maintenance and Integration Section
                             Name and Subject Authority Section 
                             Online Library Cataloguing Section 
                             ISSN China Center

Foreign Language Publications Acquisitions & Cataloguing Department
              Director: Mr. Gu Ben
              Deputy: Ms. Luo Chong 
              Sections: Western Language Books Acquisitions Section
                             Western Language Books Cataloguing Section
                             Acquisitions and Cataloguing Section of Russian Books
                             Acquisitions and Cataloguing Section of Eastern Language Books
                             Acquisitions and Cataloguing Section of Foreign Language Newspapers and Periodicals
                             Publications Exchange Section
                             International Organization and Foreign Government Publications Section

Stack Management & Reading Services Department(NLC Children's Library)
              Director: Mr. Wang Zhigeng
              Deputy: Ms. Huang Jie
                             Ms. Liu Bohan
                             Ms. Chen Huina
              Sections: Stack Section I
                             Stack Section II
                             Stack Section III
                             Chinese Books Reading Section
                             Chinese Books Circulation Section
                             Chinese Newspapers and Periodicals Reading Section
                             Foreign Language Publications Reading Section
                             Reading Section of Publications in Stacks  
                             Digital Resources Services Section 
                             Reading Section of Dissertations and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Publications
                             Reference Books Section
                             Children's Services Section

Legislative Reference Service Department (Research Centre for Overseas Chinese Studies, NLC Frontier Literature Research Center)
              Director: Mr. Li Chunming 
              Deputy: Mr. Bai Yunfeng 
                             Mr. Tian Helong
              Sections: General Service Section
                             Education, Science, Culture and Public Health Section
                             Social Economic Section
                             Internal and Judicial Affairs Section
                             Foreign Affairs and National Defense Section
                             Historical and Cultural Lectures for Ministers Section
                             Service Promotion and Guarantee Section

Reference Department (NLC Science Evaluation Center)
              Director: Mr. Wang Lei 
              Deputy: Ms. Li Cuiwei
              Sections: General Reference Section
                             Social Science Reference Section
                             Technology Reference Section
                             Competitive Intelligence Section
                             Documents Delivery Section
                             Reader's Card Office
                             Photocopy Section

Digital Resource & Service Department (Office of Digital Library Promotion Project, NLC Web Archiving Center)
              Director: Mr. Cao Ning  
              Deputy:  Ms. Lv Shuping
              Sections:  Digital Library Promotion Project Construction and Coordination Section
                             Digital Library Promotion Project Training and Resources Development Section
                             Digital Resources Integration Section 
                             Documents Digitization Section
                             Website Management Section
                             Copyright Management Section

Information Technology Department (NLC New Technology Research Center)
              Director: Mr. Xie Qiang 
              Chief Engineer: Ms. Xing Jun (Leading roles of divisions or equivalents)  
              Chief Engineer: Mr. Wang Lechun (Leading roles of deputy divisions or equivalents)
              Sections: Network System Management Section
                             Application System Management Section
                             Mobile Services Management Section
                             Digital Resources Storage and Applied Management Section
                             Project Management and Software Testing Section
                             Information Technology R & D Section

Microforms Department (China National Microfilming Center for Library Resources)
              Director: Ms. Li Xiaoming  
              Deputy: Mr. Zhang Yang
                             Mr. Wang Hao
              Sections: General Management Section
                             Planning and Coordination Section
                             Filming and Technology Services Section
                             Cataloguing and Stack Management Section

Social Education Department (Chinese Memory Project Center, NLC Training Center) 
              Director: Ms. Tang Gengsheng 
              Sections: Chinese Memory Section 
                             Lecture Services Section
                             Education and Training Section
                             Photographing Services Section

Exhibition Department
              Director: Ms. Xin Lu
              Deputy: Mr. Gu Heng
                             Mr. Zhang Lichao
              Sections: Comprehensive Coordination Section
                             Exhibition Services Section
                             Guide Services Section
                             Preservation Section                                       

NLC Ancient Books Library (NLC Chronicles Library) 
              Director: Mr. Zhang Zhiqing (concurrent post)
              Deputy: Ms. Chen Hongyan (Leading roles of divisions or equivalents) 
                             Mr. Xie Dongrong (Leading roles of deputy divisions or equivalents)
                             Ms. Saren Gaowa (Leading roles of deputy divisions or equivalents)
              Sections: General Office
                             Rare Books Section
                             Ordinary Ancient Books Section
                             Rubbings Section
                             Dunhuang-Turpan Literature Section
                             Map & Atlas Section
                             Local Documents Section
                             Minorities' Language Publications Section
                             Rare Books Restoration Section
                             Rare Books Preservation and Conservation Section
                             Stack Management and Reading Section of Rare Books
                             Classical Culture Promotion Section

Office of China National Center for Preservation & Conservation of Ancient Books (IFLA-PAC China Center Office)  
              Director: Mr. Lin Shitian
              Sections: Comprehensive Section
                             Management Section
                             Preservation and Conservation Section

Office of Minguo Documents Preservation Project
              Deputy Director: Ms. Ma Jing

Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture Repository Compilation Project Office
              Deputy Director: Ms. Zhang Jie

NLC Art Center
              Director: Mr. Lv Huijun
              Deputy Director: Ms. Hou Ning 

Publishing Department
              Deputy: Mr. Ge Yancong

Logistics Services and Management Center 
              Director: Mr. Cao Wei
              Deputy: Mr. Zhang Haibo
              Sections: General Office
                             Management Section
                             Technology Section
                             Water Heating Maintenance Section
                             Electromechanical Section
                             General Services Section
                             Property Section
                             Official Vehicles Management Section                      

Secretariat of the Library Society of China
              Secretary-general: Ms. Huo Ruijuan
              Deputy Secretary-general: Ms. Zhong Yan
              Deputy Editor of Editorial Office of Journal of Library Science in China: Mr. Zhuo Lianying   

Secretariat of China Ancient Books Preservation and Conservation Association
              Secretary-general: Ms. Liang Aimin





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